Category: Antibodies

Human Tissue-Resident Memory T Cells in the Maternal-Fetal Interface. Lost Soldiers or Special Forces?

The immune system performs a essential function throughout being pregnant, however the particular mechanisms and immune cell perform wanted to assist being pregnant stay incompletely […]

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Capability of physically reasonable OCT-based differentiation between intact brain tissues, human brain gliomas of different WHO grades, and glioma model 101.8 from rats

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the ex vivo rat and human mind tissue samples is carried out. The set of samples contains intact white and grey matter, […]

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in situ classification of cell types in human kidney tissue using 3D nuclear staining

To know the physiology and pathology of illness, capturing the heterogeneity of cell sorts inside their tissue setting is key. In such an endeavor, the […]

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