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Unrestricted grants for nonprofits

And here’s the best part: We want to hear from you, too! Join us in this open conversation and share your stories, share photos of your home studio, share your questions and answer others, all via the #homerecordingweek hashtag on whatever social media […]


Pabst blue ribbon price / R&b artists 2016 5.0 (1) music instructor

I recommend getting a professional coach with some years of experience, who you respect as a musician, and who you admire as a singer (I’m simply describing my own vocal coach here). If you’re interested in becoming a content partner, please send […]


Electronic music grant / Pabst blue ribbon price

Where can i donate my electric organ

+ Producing and mixing music at home? Check out Soundfly’s brand new mentored online course, Songwriting For Producers, to take all those unfinished ideas and transform them into fully fleshed out, compelling songs! Free preview here. Stay focused on bringing gear into your workflow that […]