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Soundfly is a new kind of music school for today’s musician. We create creative courses and daily articles for the curious musician. Meet the whole Soundfly Team here. “I have a fictitious person I write for. And she’s called Doris, and she’s […]


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You can hear how popular this song really was in Live at the Apollo by listening to how bonkers the crowd goes during that track. But while their faith may have been restored, they still didn’t see Brown as anything more than a […]


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Full English is a Brooklyn-based post-production audio facility dedicated to outputting only the highest standard of recording, sound design, and mixing. Owned by British sound designer Kieran Kaye, Full English specializes in audio for all content including commercials, trailers, documentaries and branded […]


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But, your live setup may also have to do with convenience, especially if you tour consistently and frequently. Famed guitarist and composer Kaki King found that the specificities of a new live set featuring projections mapped to her body and music that heavily […]


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The lines to enter grocery stores are often hours long, and most are limiting purchases to ration supply. Queues for gas are absurd, and ATMs are frequently out of service. Water has been restored to Lalita’s area, but without electricity, it can’t […]


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Banker: What do you do, Mr. Reifsnyder? Most importantly, become familiar with your internal dialogue. What are your thoughts? What are the phrases you tell yourself? Are they positive? Are they negative? Are they rational or irrational?  Are they something along the […]