UV Umbrella: Free Your Family From Skin Cancer

A prolonged exposure to the harmful sun’s radiation is scientifically proven as hazardous to human health. The effects are: Cataract, suppression on immune system, premature skin aging, skin cancers and sunburn. Over 40% of the sun’s total UV radiation can be captured by the human skin if exposed for long without wearing or having any protection. The remaining 60% are from the environment which may have captured the UV rays and reflect them back to other objects such as roofs, walls, buildings and scattered molecules in the air. Scientists call the reflected UV rays as diffuse radiation. Diffuse radiation can penetrate through any undistorted section horizontally.

For this reason, you will need a UV umbrella even if it is not yet raining. Such umbrellas protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Even the recent research of Emory University can prove this.

These umbrellas are far different than ordinary sun blockers you see in the market. They have different texture and design that no ordinary umbrella could match. They are fabricated for one major reason: to block the harmful rays of the sun. To measure how muh UVR are blocked by sun umbrellas and to determine the best angle in blocking it, the scientists conducted a study. They found out that sun umbrellas, which are designed to block UVR set from the angle directly opposite from the sun rays, deflected more than 90% of UVR.

What color to choose? Anything but white. Colors also affect the blocking capability of an umbrella so choosing black would mean that you block UVR more efficiently than gray or yellow. Judging by the finding of recent studies, it is best to carry an umbrella anytime, whether on warm summer or on long heavy rain season. With the evaluation of modern researchers, bringing a UV umbrella may not be enough for your family because there are still that little one or two percent unblocked.

It is still advisable to apply sunscreen to both your body and face so you get a total protection from the UVR. The sun is our friend because it helps us in many ways but, this does not mean that we don’t take precautionary measures in dealing with its natural heat and rays.